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Егер әлі тіркелмеген болсаңыз, өтінеміз Осында тіркелу


Advanced Pharmacometrics Categorical and Time-to-Event PK/PD Modeling Course using Phoenix NLME

This course is designed to explore advanced techniques in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics modelling and simulation using categorical, count and time-to-event data. Detailed discussion of Pharsight Modeling Language (PML) covers how the Phoenix NLME engine functions and in depth lectures on the statistical theory underlying analysis of categorical, count and time-to-event data provide the necessary background to allow for complex model development. Hands-on examples from current literature to provide a complete training experience. Topics include approaches to handling data below the limit of quantitation limit, longitudinal frequency data, repeated measures time-to-event pharmacodynamics responses, drop out models, categorical pharmacodynamics endpoints, and translating models between NONMEM and Phoenix NLME.