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(112-FL) What is New in Phoenix 8.0

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What is New in Phoenix 8.0

Phoenix 8.0 has many changes and improvements.  This course brings together materials on the new features in Phoenix 8.0.  We will add links to webinars, videos, and other materials as they become available.  If you have not already registered for the November 1 webinar, a link to the webinar page is provided in the course materials.

Training material

  • Course Description
  • Course Navigation
  • NCA
    • User-Defined NCA Parameters
    • NCA Business Rules
  • Validation Suite
    • Phoenix WinNonlin Version 8.0 Validation Suite
  • Phoenix Framework
    • Phoenix 8.0: Saving Object Settings
    • Phoenix 8.0: Locking Workflows
  • Webinar: How Can You Get the Most Out of Phoenix 8.0?