Certara University is a resource for formalized professional quality education in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) modeling and simulation.   Our robust curriculum is designed for beginners to advanced PK/PD professionals to learn theory and practice concepts using Certara PK/PD Software (e.g. Phoenix WinNonlin).

You can click on the type of training on the left hand side to see all courses offered in those formats.  Most classroom courses (with ‘CL’ in the course number) have a corresponding e-learning version (‘OD’ course number). 

Certara University also offers a Professional Certification Program, which is a reputable online accreditation of user competency and proficiency in analysis of PK/PD data using Certara software.

The Learning Path is a guide to our professional learning tracks, and will help you determine what course best fits your needs.

If you want to have access to our academic pricing, contact us so that we can set your account type to Academic.  Note that you must use an email address for an academic institution to obtain the academic pricing.

In addition, Certara University offers complimentary videos and webinars to supplement your formal education.  This free material includes information such as added features in newer versions of the Certara software, software tips and tricks, educational webinars, etc.

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