(122-LIVE-CERT) Phoenix WinNonlin (Part 1) NCA Certification Course | January - February 2024

21 modules



Course Length
33 hours

Tom Jones

$150 - 550


January - February 2024

Cost - $550 (Academia $275, Africa/India $150)

Certification Course Description

In this course you will learn and get certified on the theory and application of non-compartmental analysis (NCA).  NCA is used to characterize the kinetics of a compound without assuming a specific compartmental model.   You will learn NCA methodology, how to perform NCA using Phoenix WinNonlin software, and how to interpret resulting pharmacokinetic parameters.   This course is a comprehensive review of noncompartmental analysis of pharmacokinetic data and will cover the basics through the most complex areas of noncompartmental analysis.  Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive an e-badge as an NCA Analyst using Phoenix WinNonlin.  This certification is valid for 3 years.


$500 (Academia $250, Africa/India $125)

If you are an academic user, please contact us so we can update your account profile to give you access to academic pricing.  Note that you must register with an email address that is associated with an academic institution to get academic pricing.

If you work on a permanent basis in Africa or India, please contact us so we can so we can update your account profile to give you access to the Africa/India pricing.  You will need to provide proof that you are physically located in India to get the pricing.

Course Format, Language and Dates

This course format is a ‘Live on-line classroom’ which means that the course is delivered virtually by an expert Phoenix instructor at pre-specified times.  This will provide the benefit of the classroom setting, with real-time interaction with the instructor but without the travel.  Although live attending is encouraged, recordings of the sessions are available to participants during the length of the course. 

This course will be delivered in English.

This course will be offered in January and February 2024.  There will be six two-hour lecture/demo sessions.  Lecture/Demo sessions are on Tuesdays at 10 AM New York (GMT-4), starting 16 January and finishing on 20 February.  We will record sessions and post the recordings for those who are unable to attend live.  You will have access to the recordings for 3 months following the last session of the course.

There are also five weekly office hour sessions, in which gives a more extended period for asking and answering questions.  We have two options for people in different time zones: 

  • Office Hour Option A is offered at times most convenient for participants in the Americas, Europe, and Africa.  They are on Fridays at 11 AM New York (GMT-4). 
  • Office Hour Option B is offered at times most convenient for participants in Asia/Pacific.  They are on Tuesdays at 2 PM Brisbane (GMT+10).  (FYI, 2 PM Tuesday in Brisbane is late Monday evening in New York.)  We will offer the "Option B" office hours if there is sufficient interest among the students.

Practice Exercises

There are five practice exercises in the course that guide you through exploratory data analysis, data preparation, and noncompartmental data analysis.  Each practice exercise contains a quiz that you must pass with at least a 60% score, although you can repeat each quiz as many times as you need to pass it. 


This course includes a certification exam.  To obtain credit for this course and earn a Certara Certification as a NCA Analyst using Phoenix WinNonlin version 8.3, candidates need to earn a passing score on the exam.  The exam validates proficiency and competence with non-compartmental (NCA) pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis using Phoenix WinNonlin, with version 8.3. A certified NCA analyst can process data, perform exploratory data analysis, calculate NCA parameters, and report results for typical PK study designs in pre-clinical and clinical trials.  

Exam Details

Software:  There is no requirement to have the Phoenix WinNonlin™ software installed.  The exam has interactive questions embedded that simulate the software.  Those interactive questions are based on Phoenix WinNonlin 8.3.

Grading: To successfully earn the NCA Analyst certification, a minimum passing score of 75% must be achieved on both parts of the online accreditation exam. Each registration includes 2 attempts at passing the test. The exam tests 80-90 questions that cover theoretical knowledge of NCA analysis on different types of study designs, and a practical section that evaluates software proficiency by performing tests related to NCA analysis, data processing, and reporting. 

Time Limit:  The exam is divided into 2 parts. There is a total time limit of 1 hr and 45 min to complete part 1 and 75 minutes to complete part 2 of the exam.  The clock starts counting when the user clicks on 'Start Exam' in each part.

Exam Content:   Successful candidates should understand fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics, NCA theory, typical study designs that are often analyzed with NCA, and hands-on experience with Phoenix WinNonlin.  Certification topics include:

  • Basic Theory of PK and NCA
  • Phoenix Interface
  • Exploratory Data Analysis - Data Tools and Plots
  • Performing NCA in Phoenix
  • Processing NCA results
  • Non-Parametric Superposition
  • Study Designs

Prerequisites and Time Commitment

This course requires basic understanding of pharmacokinetics (recommended background: (103-OD) Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics).  Students are expected to be able to commit 5 hrs a week to attend sessions and complete assignments.


Phoenix WinNonlinTM

Participants are required to have a current license of Phoenix.  A training license for the duration of the course can be purchased for an additional fee by contacting us.




Session 1

Course Overview 
Introduction to NCA 
Overview of Phoenix 
Exploratory Data Analysis 

Session 2

Understanding Concentrations 
Observed NCA Parameters 
Effects of Study Design 
Data Structure/format 
Phoenix Data Tools 

Session 3

Half Life 
Best fit Algorithm in NCA 
Handling BQL data 

Session 4

Using Cmax/AUC to make decisions 
Study Designs 
Dose Proportionality 
Average Bioequivalence 

Bonus Recording

Food Effects 
Drug-Drug Interactions 

Session 5

NCA Steady-State 
NCA Sparse 
NCA Urine
Object Templates 
Experimental Design 

Session 6

NCA Data Presentation 
Custom Tables 
Workflow Templates 

Certification Exam

Part 1: 1hr 45min

Part 2: 1hr 15min



By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion

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