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Cost - $49 (India $13)  Course Description If you are located in India, please contact us so we can provide a coupon that will give 75% off the full price of the course.  You will need to provide proof that you are physically located in India to get the coupon. This is the update test for people who have previously completed the certification:  Certara Certified NCA Analyst using Phoenix WinNonlin Version 8.0 This will provide you a second certification: Certara Certified NCA Analyst using Phoenix WinNonlin Version 8.1/8.2 This exam is applicable to two versions of Phoenix, because no new features that affect NCA were introduced in version 8.2. Prerequisites:  Only candidates who hold a certification as Certara Certified NCA Analyst using Phoenix version 8.0 can take this update test. Location:  This is an online accreditation. The exam can be taken from anywhere at any time within 3 years of purchase. Software:  There is no requirement to have the Phoenix WinNonlin™ software installed.  The exam has interactive questions embedded that simulate the software.  There are few significant differences in NCA between Phoenix WinNonlin™ 8.1 and 8.2, and this exam covers both versions. Grading: To successfully earn the accreditation of Certara Certified NCA Analyst  using Phoenix version 8.1/8.2, you need to meet the prerequisites and obtain a minimum passing score of 75% in this update exam.  This update exam has 50 points (questions and software interactions) that validates that you are ready to use Phoenix WinNonlin version 8.1 to do NCA analysis.  The test covers differences between Phoenix WinNonlin version 8.0 and 8.1/8.2 among other general questions.  Previously you should have been certified in the knowledge of NCA analysis on different types of study designs, as well as software proficiency by performing tests related to NCA analysis, data processing, and reporting.  Time Limit:  There a maximum allocated time of 1.5 hours to complete the exam.  The clock starts counting when the user clicks on 'Start Exam'. Exam Content Exam Content:   Successful candidates should have an understanding of fundamental NCA theory and hands-on experience with Phoenix WinNonlin from making plots to summarizing results.  Certification topics include: Exploratory Data Analysis - Data Tools and Plots Performing NCA in Phoenix Post-processing NCA results Click on the image to the right to expand the 'Exam Content' file for a description of each section of the exam and its contribution to the total score.   Accreditation:  This certification is valid for 3 years.  Upon successful completion of the Certara professional certification exam recipients will be issued a digital badge by ACCLAIM. This is a secure, verifiable and standardized delivery method of achievement, and includes all the information about the certification that has been earned, including a detailed description of the exam.  Recipients can opt to make the badge private or public and the earned certification can be listed in a publicly searchable directory.  The eBadges, valid for three years, can be easily embedded on résumés, emails, web sites, and social and professional networking web sites, including and LinkedIn and Facebook.  In addition, a printed certificate of your achievement that includes a verification link can be requested. Read More

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Phoenix Tips and Tricks and Express Webinars Recordings (Complimentary) This course contains short videos as well as express webinars recordings on tips and tricks for using the Phoenix Software or other Certara software.  These tips can be helpful to users who have familiarity with the Phoenix software but want to learn how to use it more effectively.   Videos will be added on on-going basis so make sure to check often for additional tips and tricks. These tips are no substitute for formal training.  Certara University offers many other courses to expand your theoretical and practical knowledge of PK/PD analysis using the Phoenix software. Learn which course might be best for you:  What course should I take? Certara University Curriculum Read More

Enroll for this free "course" which contains recordings of Webinars by Certara University and Certara partners. Recordings will be added in on-going basis. Recordings of the express webinars on Phoenix (30 minutes) can be found in [001-TU] Phoenix Tips and Tricks -Short Videos and Express Webinars   Read More

Complimentary Phoenix Tutorials Enroll in this complimentary course to watch tutorials for Phoenix version 8.2.  The course contains tutorials for Phoenix WinNonlin and Phoenix NLME.  You will be required to sign in or create a new login to Certara University after selecting the 'Enroll' button.   Select 'Start Learning Now' to view the tutorials.  You can also locate this course under 'My Courses' area at  www.certarauniversity.com at any time. Tutorial 1 - Get Started with Phoenix WinNonlin 8.2 In this short video tutorial you will learn how to get started using Phoenix 8.2. This tutorial is intended for new users of Phoenix software. The video takes you through: Importing data Plotting data Non-Compartmental Analysis Summarizing and Tabulating results Tutorial 2 - Get Started with Phoenix NLME 8.2 In this short video tutorial you will learn how to get started using Phoenix NLME 8.2. This tutorial is intended for new users of Phoenix software with an NLME license for Population PK/PD Modeling. The video takes you through: Importing data Plotting data Phoenix Model Object Model Structure Initial Estimates Define Residual Error Model Covariate Analysis Comparing Population Models Certara University offers many other courses to expand your theoretical and practical knowledge of PK/PD analysis using the Phoenix software. Read More

PK Submit™ automates the time consuming, error-prone and complex task of creating CDISC domains as part of the pharmacokinetic (PK) deliverable for regulatory submissions. It allows PK scientists to automatically create a complete electronic regulatory submission-ready package within minutes during the normal process of setting up and executing a non-compartmental analysis (NCA) and includes all necessary CDISC domains. With PK Submit the need to become an expert in data management and electronic submissions is eliminated. PK Submit™ is an add-in tool that works with Phoenix WinNonlin™, the gold standard for PK/PD analysis. PK Submit enables PK scientists to solve data management issues faster, in less time with fewer resources, providing significant savings in drug development time. Read More

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